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Fresh Perspectives is a leading strategy consultancy focused on accelerating innovation. We use a network of world-class experts to help companies quickly and successfully create new businesses, enter new markets, or build award-winning new products. We consult on the entire innovation life cycle from idea to successful deployment on anything that helps our clients grow.

Our company name exemplifies the type of results you will get from Fresh Perspectives. We provide our customers with unique, relevant ways of thinking about their business, their opportunities and their strategies. As a result, they are more successful and productive.


Learn about The Paradox of Excellence, the highly acclaimed new book and concept by Fresh Perspectives founder, Michael Weissman and colleague, Dave Mosby by clicking here.


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The Paradox of Excellence
is a "must read"!

Garry Betty, CEO, Earthlink
"A must read for every business leader."
Bill Glavin, 
retired Vice-Chairman, Xerox
"A must read  . . ."
Ron Okamoto, VP Apple
"Definitely worth reading  . . ."
Paul Witkay, Founder, Alliance of CEOs
"An important book  . . ."
Jackie Meyer, Marketing Director, Qualcomm
"A must read"
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