Results Driven.
FRESH Difference

Fresh Perspectives is the premiere value-reinforcement solutions company. Our solutions deliver communications that help clients become more highly valued by existing customers, employees and investors.

  • We understand what ails you. We literally wrote the book on maximizing value among existing customers, The Paradox of Excellence, How Great Performance Can Kill Your Business. As the leading provider of value-reinforcement solutions, we bring our broad and unique expertise to engagements. Since we know what’s fundamentally broken, we are best able to provide fixes that work.

  • Deliver complete solution. We are the only firm that solves the entire problem from identifying exactly what is wrong, to determining what to communicate to delivering the technical solution that delivers the right communication to your customers. This requires a exclusive combination of expertise in strategy, sales, marketing and technology.

  • We produce substantial results - fast. We are the fastest at finding and fixing customer value problems. Clients typically find their real revenues increase more than 10x the cost of our solutions. Clients can begin improving their customer value in as little as 30 days.

  • No green bananas. We only hire and use experts, never newly minted MBA’s. With over 100 years of combined expertise working with companies worth more than $1 trillion combined, we know what works and what doesn’t. Collectively as business leaders, we have generated over $1 billion in top line growth for our companies.
“FRESH designed a system that is both state-of-the art and practical at the same time.”

-Senior Director,
F500 Company