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Executives agree, The Paradox of Excellence is a - "must read"!

Garry Betty, CEO


"The Paradox of Excellence" is a must read for any company executive.  In today's competitive environment, it is all too easy to become "invisible" to our customers and lead to undesired consequences.  This book helps put into perspective issues facing many businesses today."

bill glavin,   vice-chairman xerox (retired), president (retired)

babson college

“The message you are delivering is very important to all companies regardless of size or success. In my 34 years in business and eight as a College President, I have often seen and experienced the Paradox of Excellence phenomenon. This is a must read for all in today's business and service environment.”

ron okamoto, vp worldwide developer relations


"A fresh idea made very accessible - definitely worth reading!"

paul witkay, founder and CEO

alliance of chief executives

“I work with hundreds of CEOs and have seen the ‘Paradox of Excellence’ occur in companies of all types and sizes. David Mosby and Michael Weissman have written an important book that is not only easy and fun to read, but can enable great companies to become truly great in the eyes of those that matter – their customers. The ‘Paradox of Excellence’ cleverly explains why companies must work as a team to identify, understand and manage the ever-changing expectations of their customers.”

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