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The Fresh Perspectives team can help your company increase its value in several ways. We have experience in four major areas:

Strengthening existing businesses 

Most businesses have underperforming assets, products, brands or businesses. Fresh Perspectives consultants are expert at finding ways to maximize your business' potential. We have proprietary models and a tremendous amount of experience running private and public companies. We have worked in most functional areas and our consultants can provide the right advice at the right time to make a difference. We have strengthened existing businesses with Ashton-Tate, Pepsi, Toshiba, Canon, Visioneer, Adobe Systems, Apple, Stac Electronics, Epson, Quarterdeck, EDS, and many smaller firms. 

Creating new businesses 

Fresh Perspectives consultants have expertise in both entrepreneurship and corporate entrepreneurships, which are business start-ups within a larger company. We have started our own firms, worked in other start-ups, raised money, created new divisions, established new business units, and built proprietary models on how to be successful in creating such new businesses. We have been involved in creating new businesses with Toshiba, Canon, Citrix Systems, Avery Dennison, and many start-ups. 

Entering new markets 

We have studied literally hundreds of markets in all kinds of industries. We are expert in analyzing markets, identifying market characteristics critical to success. We have also built some of the most sophisticated go-to-market strategies ever devised. We have experience providing market and brand analysis for many large companies including Adobe Systems, Apple Computer, EDS, Gilian Technologies, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Intertile, JD Edwards, M-Systems, Sony, Pyramid Brewery and Sybase. 

Building new products and brands 

Fresh Perspectives consultants have been involved in some of the most successful new products in history. We have launched dozens of new products - many from scratch. We have innovated ourselves and have helped many others do likewise. We have excellent models to identify which products are likely to be most successful so investors can be more sophisticated about which products to invest in. We have helped create great products at Apple Computer, Avery Dennison, Personable, Gilian Technologies, Pyramid Brewery, Visioneer, Toshiba, Canon, Epson, HP, Sybase, and many start-ups. 

Fresh Perspectives consultants have expertise in a broad range of disciplines and within a wide swath of industries. We have consulted in areas including: 


Food services (wholesale and retail) Industrial distribution (wholesale, retail, mail order) 
Technology service providers (global services, web services, ASPs, etc.) 
Information services 
Consulting and professional services 
Medical information and administration 


Consumer Electronics Computer hardware (PCs, security appliances, storage, peripherals) 
Office Equipment (copiers, fax, multifunction, telephone systems) 
Industrial equipment 
Mobile technology 
Musical products 

Software Publishing 

Consumer/personal productivity 
Specialized (Artificial Intelligence, etc.) 
Custom development


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