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The Paradox of Excellence, How Great Performance Could Kill Your Company is a story about Premiere, a successful logistics company whose largest, most important customer is severing their business relationship. Through the story, authors Dave Mosby and Michael Weissman reveal a startling new paradox - that the better you do your job, the more invisible you become - to everything but bad news. The longer you do a good job, the more your perceived value erodes because customers lose sight of the pain you originally relieved.

While the story revolves around a ficticious logistics company, virtually everyone can benefit from the lessons it teaches.

Book benefits

Informative. The Paradox of Excellence teaches a new idea that will help you improve your value. 

"This book helps put into perspective issues facing many businesses today." - Garry Betty, CEO, Earthlink

Revealing. Often, the secret to understanding a problem is to have a way to describe the issue. The Paradox of Excellence makes a problem we all face easier to define and manage.

"You put words to my intuition. I have been struggling with this issue and now it has a name!" - Pierce Plam, Founder and CEO Dealer Fusion, Inc.

Fast paced and entertaining. By using a story or parable format, the Paradox of Excellence is fast paced and easily accessible. Most people who read the book say it took about an hour or so to read.

"'The Paradox of Excellence' teaches a fundamental management lesson nestled in an involving, suspenseful story." - David Aaker, Vice Chairman, Prophet and Author of Brand Portfolio Strategy 

Relevant. While the story revolves around this specific logistics company, virtually everyone can benefit from the lessons it teaches. 

"Talk about a book that applies to all businesses! I was a bit skeptical when I first picked up the book, thinking that 'The Paradox of Excellence' probably wouldn't apply to my business, Architecture. But wow was I wrong. In the course of the following hour, I discovered that yes; we suffer from the same issues." - Bob Riegel, Architect, SE, Principal, The KPA Group

Practical. The Paradox of Excellence is a concept you can apply immediately to your business.

"Extremely clear and concise with actual remedies instead of only theories. A must read for anyone in sales, marketing and general management responsibilities." - Jackie Meyer, marketing director, Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions

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The Paradox of Excellence
is a "must read"!

Garry Betty, CEO, Earthlink
"A must read for every business leader."
Bill Glavin, 
retired Vice-Chairman, Xerox
"A must read  . . ."
Ron Okamoto, VP Apple
"Definitely worth reading  . . ."
Paul Witkay, Founder, Alliance of CEOs
"An important book  . . ."
Jackie Meyer, Marketing Director, Qualcomm
"A must read"
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