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Paradox of Excellence. The basic idea is the better you do your job, the more invisible you become to everything  -  but bad news. The longer you do a good job, the more your perceived value erodes because customers lose sight of the pain you originally relieved. (more

Frictionless Growth. The basic idea of frictionless growth is there are two factors affecting any company's sales: those activities that foster sales (force) and those activities that inhibit sales (friction or opposing force). Frictionless growth stipulates that companies can often achieve greater sales success, not by doing more (force), but rather by eliminating things that are inhibiting adoption of their goods and services (reducing friction). (more coming soon) 

Relevancy Chain and Relevancy Gap. Michael Porter's value chain concept promotes the idea that value is determined by activity, by what a company does to a good or service. We disagree. Activity does not determine value. Customers determine value. The Relevancy Chain is the set of activities that add value (as defined by customers). The Relevancy Gap is the gap between what companies do and what a customer values. Many companies fall into this gap because they don't stay close to their customers and forget that customer requirements change over time (see Paradox of Excellence to better understand why). (more coming soon) 


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