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Books and Thought Leadership

We intend to develop a series of Fresh Perspectives Books, Tasty Business Insights Without all the Fat(tm). These short novels are written to expose specific business challenges leaders face today with clear ways to overcome these challenges. 

Paradox of Excellence, How Great Performance Could Kill Your Company. The Paradox of Excellence is our first book in the series and has already received acclaim from business leaders around the country. To learn more about The Paradox of Excellence, read an excerpt, read review about the book or sign up for an advanced copy, click here

Other Thought Leadership. We have put together several other interesting thought pieces about strategy. Click here to learn about transparent branding, eBusiness and the importance of being easy to do business with. 


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Executives agree
The Paradox of Excellence
is a "must read"!

Garry Betty, CEO, Earthlink
"A must read for every business leader."
Bill Glavin, 
retired Vice-Chairman, Xerox
"A must read  . . ."
Ron Okamoto, VP Apple
"Definitely worth reading  . . ."
Paul Witkay, Founder, Alliance of CEOs
"An important book  . . ."
Jackie Meyer, Marketing Director, Qualcomm
"A must read"
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